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At The Point, every child is gifted.

We've all been in schools where some kids were called "smart" or "gifted" while other kids were labeled not so flattering terms. Although all children learn differently, all children have gifts. We believe in tapping into each child's gift and learning style and then challenging him/her to excel.

Our academic program builds the academic skills, intellectual habits, and content knowledge necessary to be prepared to succeed in the college of their choice. This curriculum builds on the Common Core State Standards but is supplemented with more rigorous, college-preparatory standards.

In addition to the core subjects (reading, writing, math, etc.), all students will take Spanish, music, and public speaking. They will have quarterly life-projects that demonstrate competency of learning objectives but also integrate the creative arts. So, each student will have four major projects to complete each year.

Because we are a year-round school (see calendar), students retain more information learned in the year. Take a look at some key points about our academic philosophy:

  • We believe that college ready literacy means learning how to think, read, write, speak, and listen. 
  • We believe that students can grow and achieve at extraordinary levels on the North Carolina End Tests without spending every moment on test preparation.
  • We believe that students learn best when they are engaged and see how subject matter functions in the real-world.
  • We believe in incorporating media, popular culture, games, and other non-traditional means of teaching to help students grasp material.  

What can you expect from The Point?

  • An initial academic assessment of your child’s reading, writing, reasoning, and computation level.
  • A classroom meeting to explain academic expectations and to discuss ways the school and parents can partner to help your child achieve academic excellence
  • Weekly assessment reports in your child’s Point folder
  • Learning projects that require parental assistance at home (4 per year)
  • Emphasis on reading literacy and language acquisition in the elementary grades