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All children residing in North Carolina are eligible for enrollment at The College Preparatory and Leadership Academy.  

The school will not discriminate against any student on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender, or disability. If more students apply than the School can accommodate, a lottery will be performed.The admissions policy stated below is designed to declare the process and methods that will be used to admit students in a fair and consistent way that does not offer priority to any student except those specifically noted in charter school law 115C-238.29F(g)(5):


No criteria for admission will be used except the completed lottery application. The application may be completed online through our website and in paper form. Paper applications will be available at the school and upon request. Additionally, paper applications will be distributed throughout the community at libraries, community centers, pre- schools, and Head-start centers. The application will include all basic information necessary for lottery and will not ask any specific questions pertaining to ethnicity, gender income, academic ability, or past student performance. The lottery form in order to be valid must include birth date, NC address, and rising grade level. There are limited seats for each grade level available. 

Enrollment Priority:The following groups will have enrollment priority at CPLA in the order that follows as space permits in each grade:

1. Staff Member Preference: Children of full time CPLA staff will be given preference for enrollment when space is available. When no slots are available or when there are more full time staff children than space available, there will be a “staff” lottery for that grade level.

2. Siblings enrolling at different times: Siblings of currently enrolled students at CPLA  will receive preference for enrollment when space is available. When no slots are available or when there are more siblings than space available, there will be a sibling lottery for that grade level. The law defines sibling includes any of the following who reside in the same household: “half siblings, step-siblings, and children residing in a family foster home.

Other Special Cases for enrollment preference are listed below with no order of preference given:

*Multiple birth siblings: Multiple birth siblings are resolved in the statute by the inclusion of one surname in the lottery. If multiple birth siblings are in different grade, the parent will select the grade level to place the name. All Multiple birth siblings shall be admitted if the surname is drawn.

Lottery Procedure:

If there are more students than seats available, a lottery will be conducted. Each applicant will have lottery form with their name and grade. The selection process will be by random drawing. Cards for siblings of current instructional personnel will be drawn separately and first, followed by cards for siblings of students enrolled in the previous school year. Then cards will be drawn by grade, beginning with kindergarten, until all available seats are filled. In the case of multiple birth siblings, only one card with the last name representing the multiples will be placed in the lottery.

All students accepted in the lottery must turn in an official enrollment packet by March 31st to save their seat. The packet must include, at minimum, verification of NC residence, official application, birth certificate (kindergarten only),and transcript (high school only). Students who actually report for class the first three days of school determine our official enrollment. Both new enrollees and returning students must report for classes the first three days of their respective start dates in order to be considered officially enrolled.