Kindergarten at The Point is a unique experience. It begins with the belief from teachers, administrators, students, and parents that we must "start early and start strong" if we want our children to be ready for college. 

All children, if it is their desire, can and should attend college. But we can't wait until high school to prepare. We must start when they start school, if not before. This doesn't mean our children can't be children and still have fun. We take lots of earned trips and integrate play in learning everyday. 

What's unique about a Royal Kindergartner at The Point?                    

1. Reading before 1st grade
2. Public speaking and presentation of who they are with confidence
3. Mental math, telling time, counting money, and beginning fractions
4. Appropriate behavior during formal and informal gatherings
5. Exposure to college campuses
6. Legible handwriting of complete sentences 
7. A thirst for and joy of learning

These are just some of the goals we have for our students. Of course, their curriculum will be far more extensive. What we do know is that these goals are attainable. It takes work, consistency, and communication between home and school, but there is no doubt in our minds that your child will succeed at The Point.

To qualify for kindergarten at The Point, we need:

  • Admission Application
  • Kindergarten health assessment
  • Immunization records
  • Copy of birth certificate (child must turn 5 yrs old by Aug. 31st)
  • Proof of NC residence

If your child is an intellectually and socially advanced 4-year-old, he/she may qualify for kindergarten. Restrictions apply. Contact the Lower School Leader, Mrs. Bates for more information. 

See you at The Point!