High School/College Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment with Guilford Technical Community College

Eligible students may apply for admission to the Early College Dual Enrollment Program at GTCC in their sophomore year. Students must possess a 3.0 GPA and meet testing requirements of the college.

The College Preparatory & Leadership Academy (The Point) / GTCC Dual Enrollment Track

Freshman Year (courses taken at The Point)
Sophomore Year (courses taken at The Point)
*Foreign Language completed by the end of the sophomore year. (2 credits)
Junior Year (courses taken at GTCC) -follow approved track by the college
Senior Year (courses taken at GTCC) - follow approved track by the college
*Students must meet State HS and Local requirements, excluding Senior Capstone
Personal Resources needed for Dual Enrollment Participation
1. Transportation may be provided to GTCC at 8:00am., from The Point. No other transportation is provided.
2. Students are responsible for textbooks and other student fees on campus.
3. Students may eat breakfast at The Point and request a bag lunch to take with them to GTCC.
4. Students will need either personal laptop of ample time to use computers on the campus of GTCC.

Parents are required to meet at least once a year to review/revise the graduation success plan for their child.

Learn more about the program here.