Elementary School

Start Early, Start Strong is our motto. When children get a firm educational foundation, they thrive in the later years.

Here are some highlights about our elementary school:

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Students become solid readers
Students are taught in a structured environment
Students learn that school is not daycare but a place to be prepared for college
Students develop character and work habits that lead to above average academics
Students learn how to focus and be meticulous in their work
Students grow in public speaking and presentation skills
Students experience rigor and joy of learning
Students earn field experiences outside the classroom (more than any other school in the county)

2015-2016 Achievement

Students reading at/above grade level (K-2)     75%  
Students performing at/above grade level in math (K-2)     86%
Students/parents completing 4 quarterly home projects     90%
Families choosing to return to The Point  

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Grades 3-5

Students  develop critical reading and thinking skills
Students dive deep into cultural studies and understanding their history
Students participate in extra-curricular activities, including performing arts
Students develop test-taking skills and prepare for mastery
Students take more responsibility for their learning and social development
Students participate in field experiences and college field trips
Students make weekly presentations and become more confident scholars

2015-2016 Achievement

Students promoted based on Read to Achieve Law in 3rd grade       91% 
Student EOG growth in reading
Student EOG growth in math
Student/parent completion of 4 quarterly home projects 

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