Middle School

The Point: Beyond the Walls

Middle School 

In August 2014, The Point launched the Outdoor Middle School for 6th and 7th graders. We added 8th grade the following year. The purpose of the program is to facilitate students’ learning experience, as well as their personal growth and development.

By introducing innovative opportunities to educate, students are able to gain a unique and valuable perspective on the real-world environment around them. Participants spend up to 8 hours per month in different area parks, businesses, and other out-of-school venues that connect the curriculum to everyday life. They become involved in a wide variety of activities, some of these include shopping trips, museum walks, nature walks and hikes, kayaking and canoeing, fishing, and pond, stream and swamp studies.

The program serves to help students complete their Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and portions of their Literacy Studies requirements, all while outside the school building. Research shows that encouraging learning outside of the classroom, through skilled teaching and facilitation, provides a more direct and motivating experience. Outdoor learning becomes a stimulating source for active thinking and problem-solving, as well as cooperative interaction. Outdoor learning is real learning. While providing a dramatic contrast to traditional indoor classroom settings, it allows students to become directly engaged in the learning process.

 Why Choose The Point?

Smaller class sizes and school environment

Fewer distractions

Built-in fun and adventure

Clear and consistent expectations

Strong culture of discipline, leadership and respect

Challenging curriculum & High Expectations 

 *We do not settle for failure. We will push your child and partner with you for success. 

Middle School Courses 2016-17 School Year 

Language Arts



Social Studies Seminar 

Dramatic Arts / Public Speaking

Physical Education

Leadership / Critical Thinking



Spanish / French


Outdoor Education Experiences

Piedmont Environmental Center

McGuire Nuclear Station

Millis Health Center

Moses Cone Health Center

Girls' Leadership Camp Caraway (Overnight)

Boys' Leadership Camp (Overnight)

NC A&T Farm Studies

High Point Regional Health Center

State Capitol

. . . and so much more

 Steps to enrolling in The Point

1.   Complete an official application

2.   Receive an acceptance letter

3.   Turn in all required forms

4.   Attend orientation meeting and boot camp (date to be announced)

5.   Claim your seat on the first day of school


Other important information 

School uniforms are required.


Casual Uniform (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

Orange or navy blue  polo-style uniform shirt w/ collar

Navy or khaki pants or skirts

*During the warm months, students may wear navy shorts that are knee length


Dress Uniform (Wednesday)

Black and white only!

Shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes for boys

Skirt, dress, and dress shoes for girls


Friday Uniform

Jeans and Point t-shirt

*During warm months, students may wear jean shorts that are knee length


All shoes must be closed toe. No flip-flops, sandals or heels.