Dress for Success

A core value of our mission is to teach students how to be professional and to carry themselves like college scholars. The uniform policy at The Point will instill these values and aid in classroom management.

Elite High School Uniforms

High School Uniform Options Expanded (Read carefully) For grades 9-12 on campus scholars.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:

Khaki pants
Shirt options: Point Polo, Elite High Tee (any tee specifically for the Elite High), or white button dress shirt)
Navy Blazer or Varsity Sweater (sweater patches may be added)
Casual dress shoes (brown, navy, or black)


Traditional Business attire with tie and blazer or sweater
White button dress shirt with tie
Casual dress shoes (brown, navy, or black)


Elite High Tee and Jeans with sneakers

You may order varsity sweaters from your preferred vendor online. We will not take orders at school.

Elite High tee shirts are $13 and may be ordered online or at the office. Deadline for orders is July 31st.


High School Supply List